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Welcome to the Law Office of Vernita Charles, a general service and family law firm based in Brooklyn, NY. When you have a legal need, it is important to find an attorney whom you trust, who can work hard on your behalf to obtain a good result. Learn how the Law Office of Vernita Charles can assist you with matters including foreclosure, divorce, family law, and trusts and estates.

Practice Areas

Attorneys at the Law Office of Vernita Charles offer comprehensive legal services throughout the Kings County and five borough areas, and maintain a law office in Brooklyn, New York. The attorneys have demonstrated experience negotiating settlements, taking cases to court, and advocating for their clients’ full rights under the law.

The firm’s chief areas of practice include general services, family law, child custody and child support, divorce, foreclosure defense, and trusts and estates.

About The Law Office of Vernita Charles

When you have a legal need, it is critical to hire an attorney who has a thorough understanding of the law and how it pertains to your case. In spite of this,  many individuals try to represent themselves in court out of a desire to save money,  gambling on whether or not they can negotiate a new frontier.  The fact remains, the person best qualified to mount a legal defense, negotiate a divorce settlement,  fight against a foreclosure, or assist you with your probate needs  is an attorney who possesses the legal skills and knowledge to mount an effective, aggressive, and thorough court case on your behalf.

The attorneys at The Law Office of Vernita Charles enjoy helping clients obtain successful resolutions to legal matters, and we welcome anyone in New York City who has a pressing legal matter who wants assistance with litigation. The firm can offer clients personalized service, attention to detail, and aggressive legal representation throughout the legal process.

Explore The Law Office of Vernita Charles’ legal service and practice areas to learn more about how this  Brooklyn law firm can assist you when you need legal aid. During times of high stress, it can be very helpful to get the perspective and opinion of a licensed attorney who handles matters like yours.

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